Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Adoption Story:::And then Some.

Adoption Story, Adoption Truth

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile."
- Unknown

Welcome Home:::


 I surrendered my first child to adoption at birth.
I was an extremely unstable teen. Mixed Up in every way imaginable. An only child, abused and neglected by my mother for many years.
My Grandmother Says she should have never had children.
I was a product of this. I was an addict and I was also a cutter.
I had no clue how to function at all. All I knew what self-destruction and that there was no way I would bring an innocent baby into my world. My family's World.
Eventually we would be torn to shreds. My Mother would take her from me and have me commited, just as she did 4 years Prior...and then...well, I shuddered to think.
I went through the pregnancy with little to no support. abused while I was pregnant. The only person that offered help was the person who crippled me, Mommy Dearest.
Over my dead body would she get her hands on my baby. To Me, It was life or death.
I was It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life.
I tried to make it okay in my mind, but the only time I ever felt safe was with her inside me, and I knew it couldn't last.
My Mother. My biggest Enemy. My worst Fear.

The attorney I contacted sent the PAP's profile to me in the mail and i liked what i read about them. (I mean, to me...anything was better than Me and the Monster)
Interests:Cooking, Skiing, Camping...Profession: Attorney & CPA...Building a home in CT. 45 & 43 Years Old. Second Marriage.
One thing was obviously for certain - they wanted/needed a baby in their lives terribly to be adopting at their ages. (in hindsight, i realize how detrimental this thought process is...but how could i have known then...? )
They both flew down to meet me from New York. I interviewed them for hours – I had specific requests and questions on how they planned to raise M.
I had been lied to by Monster for so long, I couldn't tell a lie or a scam if it hit me between the eyes. (Pretty Disgusting looking back)
After hours of interrogation and what I thought to be a good conversation, They assured me that everything I had requested was what they would plan to do anyway, and naively I assumed it was destiny.
I Just knew they would be wonderful parents! ( Hopefully you have figured out by now that i didn't know ANYTHING ).
My prospective adoptive mom had had multiple miscarriages, survived two failed placements at birth and both she and her husband were on their 2nd marriage and in their early to mid 40’s ( Yet another ill-informed decision on my part, I couldn't have imagined the distance M would feel growing up with older parents....) They had gone through 2 adoptions where the birth moms had changed their mind at the last minute. They wanted a baby so bad, (Only now do i see the dichotomy of these words, and how unhealthy this really is...) and i was so disillusioned I actually felt grateful to be able to give my baby to two wonderful people who would give her stability, love and opportunity. ( See, I thought they were wonderful then, I'm sure *know* they put their game face on for me, I feel pretty used today...)
I thought Often.....There must have been something greater than me that led me to this decision as I was the most immature and selfish 19 year old girl in the universe…Now the sad part, is that when I got the phone book and looked for an Adoption Attorney, I actually thought that this Attorney represented me. Pretty Stupid Huh? I mean, I was the one that called them, right??
Not anyone involved once informed me of any Adoption Options, I only assumed there was one kind - Closed. I didn't think I had any rights. I never had any rights. Ever. Why would this be any different. I was so unsuspecting. So incredibly naive.
I was told I could have an open adoption...
This meant one letter, 2 pictures a year ( they said letters and pictures...i actually thought i would get more, and i don't recall there being fine print...)
Wow! That was more than I had hoped for!
I honestly felt that I didn't even deserve that much. I was a horrible person. Even more horrible of a person now that I was giving my baby away. Surely I was just like my mother.
Now, My Father ( who my mother left when i was 3 ) had just taken his life 2 months before I became pregnant. Rewind 1 year - I dropped out of High School, didn't tell anyone where I was going, not one person, got on a train bound for NY, and ended up with my father who I hadn't seen in 5 years. Our reunion was incredible. Until his wife said i needed to go. I got to know my dad, finally. And he got to know me. He told me he wanted to die. He hated his life.
I got mad at him. Told him not to tell me things like that. I moved back to Fl. in June and
3 months later, He was gone.
It seemed like God hated me. I hated me.
My Paternal Grandmother told me it was my fault he was dead. If I loved him more. If i stayed up in NJ....Now, I was going to give a baby away. She wanted nothing to do with me.
To this day...I have talked to her maybe 6 times in 15 years and she always without fail...asks about " the baby "
Fast Forward 1 year from my father's Death. Almost to the day. M was Born.
I wanted so bad to hold her. I couldn't. I knew if I did, I would never let her go.
I gave her a name. Her first name. And her last name...was mine and my father's.
I was very sad when they changed it.
Every Year on her birthday, I take out her Birth Certificate ..with her little footprints...and Cry.
I did not realize the ramifications of what carrying M inside me would do to my psyche.
I tried to block out my emotions during the pregnancy. I was very ignorant of the innate bonding that happens while pregnant as well as the nesting aspect and the hormones. I didn’t know until hindsight that god and the universe actually prepared you during pregnancy to become a mother. I didn’t know. So there I was, post birth – alone. confused.
2 weeks later, I was messed up. I had it in for myself for sure. A snowball effect. Not sure how I survived.

I LOVED getting the pictures - I would go in my closet and sit down in the very back and stare at them, kiss her, and cry.
I sort of liked reading the letters all except for the 10 or so redundant words that read: my daughter, my little girl, my, my, my – that was a little overkill for this feeling, unstable twenty-something )
I was pretty saddened by this, but thought that this would probably be what was best for her.
I mean, I had made my choice, right? The less confusion the better.
( Now i see the fear, the control, now i am paying for it - M is paying for it )

I continued a downward spiral for the next few years, more loss, more pain, trying to escape in every way imaginable. I became hard. I learned about life on the streets. I dealt Drugs. I slept wherever I could. I couldn't hold a job. I stole. I cheated. I lied. I did whatever I could to survive. I always made sure to visit my mother and step fathers house though, so I could get that one letter, two pictures a year. I carried her pictures and her birth certificate with me everywhere I went. The only thing that gave me hope. Was that she was safe and loved with a good life. A life i couldn't imagine, but tried.

I had a lot of growing to do.
I escaped from these feelings in many unhealthy ways throughout the next 5 years. I was my own demise.
Something was missing from my life. Until I had my other two daughters and realized exactly what had happened….I was prepared to be a mother, and hung myself out to dry.
I forced myself to have a positive outlook on the adoption.( Denial is probably a more accurate word )
I suppose I had to. This was the only way I survived the pain of the loss.
I found myself shackled and in front of a judge when I was 25. For the 2nd time in just a couple years. This judge swung her gavel of fate and so I sit here today because of it.
I chose Rehab instead of Jail and started my trek uphill.
I was court ordered to meetings. They saved my Life. They gave me a life.
A sponsor taught me in just a few months what my mother should have in 15 years.
Just as if I were a baby, I learned how to live. From everyone but my own family.
Fast Forward 1 year. 2001. I met my now husband and became pregnant with A only 2 months after we met. With my new found life skills I was certain I could do it. I would do whatever it took.
A saved my life.
Fast Forward 8 years.
Defying all odds and personality differences my husband and me are still together, and parenting our 2 daughters. Life is still a struggle, but its SO much better than it ever has been.
I have grown by leaps and bounds due to stubborness, My husband and these little girls who teach me more and more every day I wake up.
November 6th, 2009. The day after E's 6th Birthday.
I never knew my first childs last name or where she lived until this day when i opened my email and found a note in my facebook inbox that read: hey, it’s m******, your daughter.
My eyes filled with tears. My heart lept. I was in shock.
A and E both know that they have a sister I gave up for adoption as we have pictures of her in the house and talk about her on birthdays, holidays, whenever… They all came running into the room – I was shouting out loud uncontrollably with disbelief and joy and as i was crying I hugged my girls and told them that their sister had found me! That she had found US!
I always knew that she would find me one day b/c she just had to have my curious and sentimental genes!
It was the happiest day of my life!!

I never thought it would be at 14 years old however, and her adoptive mom and dad didn't know.
Turns out she did it in secret.

( well, they do now, upon my request and urging - and it has completely and totally backfired on both myself and M - D will not talk to me, answer my letters. M has been forbidden to communicate with me. )

Here is the interesting part. My Mother just happened to be visiting when I got M's email. I was just so excited, I wanted to tell everyone! I forgot who i was dealing with. My excitement turned to shock and disbelief as my mother looked at me sternly and uttered - I hope you are not planning on writing her back. You made an agreement. You need to ignore her.

Holy Crap! Did that just come out of my mother's mouth?!? Yup.

I looked at her with disgust and said swiftly, Of Course I am writing her back! That's my child!
I would Never EVER Ignore Her!

...and the rest of the visit was awkward as usual and ended in its usual way, of her leaving in a huff from things not going her way.

Now, this is the edited version of the first time I wrote of this account. The first version was full of Fluff and Denial. So much so, I could not believe I actually wrote the words myself.
Boy, reality sure has a way of smacking you down...well, smacking ME down. xox

That was November. Christmas was a train wreck up at my mother's house...more abuse, more lies.
In January this year, I cut off all communication with her. My Mother that is. After educating myself on what she really is and coming to terms with it, I realized that there is no way to have a relationship with her. She is a Pathological Narcissist. I have agreed through my husband that she can see and be with A and E when she comes to visit, but she is no longer welcome in my home, and for as long as she continues to lie, steal, abuse, control and deny reality on all accounts. It has been the greatest freedom I have ever know. I have no regrets. I am at peace for the first time . ever.

Back to M -

I didn’t want to ruin the reunion by telling her what to do, but I felt like I HAD let her know that it was VERY important that she tell her mom she found me.
I just wanted to do what’s right.
It has all been so overwhelming. Especially in the beginning.
I am SO incredibly happy that my first child has found me and I would love nothing more than to have a special relationship with her now, and get to know her for the beautiful and talented young woman that she is becoming.
But that's not quite what is happening.

I wish I had a better outcome to write about, but that is simply just not the case.
I have been threatened by the agency. I have been told I am not allowed to contact her and if M contacts me, I am to ignore her.
Which I am not doing BTW. I will never ignore one of my children. Ever.
I have been "defriended" twice, for reasons i dare not ask.
I have been able to tell M all the important things that needed to be said, for now.
She knows I love her.
I was just able to celebrate her 15th birthday with her by sending her a big box full of goodies and Love. I had to send it to her friend's house, but i'll take that.
She was writing me everyday up until 2 weeks ago and then she stopped. Again.
I honestly feel like a fish on a hook. I am trying to be as rational about it all as possible.
I started taking anti-depressants 4 months ago.
I am trying to hold on for dear life.
Some days are better than others ( I am also dealing with a painful and chronic illness I was diagnosed with a year and a half ago....which sucks...)
The minute I dare ask God, what's next...rar...u know. So, forget it.
Roll with the punches?
So where do we go from here?
One foot in front of the other like always?

Will her adoptive mom be receptive to her wanting to know me? ( NOPE )
Will I survive the rejection if she doesn’t?( I am surviving only b/c I have started blogging and reading the real stories of others that have been living with Adoption )
Will M want to get to know me more? Or is this it?

Some days I feel like I deserve what I get. That Karma is a bitch.
Other days, i just don't even know what to think.
I know that I want M to be happy, so whatever that is to her, is what I will accept.
I know that it will break my heart if she decides to shun me, but that I will never give up or let go...never.

Life is so incredibly intense sometimes. Most Times in My case.

I am constantly reminding myself that it is not about me, that this journey is about Love.
What is Love? Love is giving and not asking anything in return::::

The tragedy in all of this is that noone has asked M what it is she wants or needs. We are both being dismissed on the basis of fear and ignorance.

I have only now begun to see how this adoption web has been so intricately woven.
I cannot speak for anyone else's journey, but mine has taken an unexpected and disheartening turn.
The adoption industry caters to the Adoptive Parents and those in the industry who have to gain by monetary means. They say that they act in the best interest of the child, but i am being shown otherwise. It is something i do not wish for anyone else and something i have begun to fight for.
I have now become an advocate of Adoptees. Our beloved children that have no choice, no voice.
Our children that trust us whom we have let down b/c of our own ignorance.
I am being transformed in my own views about adoption daily
We can only act in the present. We cannot go back and change the past unfortunately.
I used to support Adoption Blindly. Not Now. I will advocate for Truth, No Matter what the cost.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ten Thousand Words:::

I have been reading a lot of blogs the past few days. Blogs of Mothers, First Mothers, Adoptive Mothers, Adopted Children and Adult Children. I have read a slew of comments, I have seen and felt SO much emotion. I have started to SEE and FEEL how adoption affects people, I have cried and smiled. I have witnessed women just wanting so badly to be heard, but most importantly - to be Understood.
A lot of Words.
I have been saddened by some of these words, especially the words of mothers who have such pain that they try to make those of us who have that pain also but have chosen to heal and love through that pain - they have tried to push us back down with their words. cutting words. Words wrapped in eloquent intellectual and often biased anger and frustration. I get it. The pain is real.
The truth of it is that we, ourselves, are the only ones that can validate and heal our pain. noone else. That our peace and understanding come from within, not from without. We will never find peace attempting to coerce others to see and feel as we do. What we are all seeking through our blogs may differ, depending on our adoption experience. The common thread here is that we want a platform to express ourselves and to be heard.
Some mothers want and need support. Some mothers just want to vent. Some mothers want to share their Joy.
Some Mothers want only to share their Pain. Some Mothers want to advocate for change. Some Mothers want to help other Mothers, and some Don't. Some Mothers want to use Sarcasm and Demeaning Verbiage to tell other Mothers who feel and see things differently, to "take off their Rosy Glasses and get real". Some Mothers want to force Happiness and Peace b/c they know that that is what has pulled them out of the Big Black Hole of Loss.
It's A lot to Swallow. I try to read and be objective to all these truths, but sometimes it's hard.
I know, because of what I have experienced, that Peace can only come from within. We will never "find" peace by reading a blog or by demanding others to feel/think the same way I do. Never.
Peace is here with us. Always. It is the True essence of who and what we are. Grace is the Gift that helps us experience peace, but we must be still and breathe it in to experience that peace. The cost is FEELING our emotion, becoming one with it - whether happy or sad - and then trusting in the Divine Process, Healing is our Reward.
Today I choose Love. I'm done with Pain.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Tapestry Of Adoption - In Response to Sister Blog:

Hello Mothers, I'm Kris - A Mother, A Birth Mother, A Natural Mother, A...Whatever Label You Like best... "Insert Here"...
I want to say First, that I am only here out of Love. To Support and To Be Supported. That's essentially what has brought us together isn't it?
And, Of Course, Our Experiences in Living With Adoption.
I have to say that My Heart and Head is SO Intensely FULL from what ALL I have read here tonight.

I am Grateful for all of you.

In my eyes, all of you women are Brave...Brave for sharing your hearts and your truth. It is through every one of your stories that I am able to become closer to my own truth in regards to my own experience with Adoption.
So, Thanks...XOX
I am 14 years along my journey of being a Birth Mother and 8 years along my journey of being a mother actively parenting two amazing spirited girls :)

I really do not want to respond to the "emotions" of what has been said here (although I will if anyone would like to know xox )
but rather lend to the "statistical" aspect of the ideas of coersion , regret, etc..
I do not regret giving my first child up for adoption. It was my only option.
{ My only regret is that I did not seek more knowledge about the process, and settled for the Adoptive Mom i chose, knowing what i know now...I would not have chosen this couple}
Part of my decision was "self-less" and the other part was "selfish".
I was not in any way ready to become an active mother/parent….

My healing process was awful (the first part anyhow) as I did not have counseling, was not offered counseling, did not know there was counseling, and had no support. (I am STILL healing, but i am being supported now, this has made a HUGE difference!)
I was so stupid at that time in my life and became totally self destructive after placement...of course i did not relate any of that back to the adoption.
I didn't know I was going to go through the grieving process just as if someone i loved had died - but when i look back, that is EXACTLY what was happening.
OK, back to my choice.
Choosing Adoption was my choice, completely.
The only "Coersion" that took place was in the form of legalities, the type of adoption i chose, and the clear fact that the Lawyer involved represented Me, The A-Parents AND the Adoption Agency...can u say Conflict of Interest???
Interestingly enough, my friends - roommate - and birth father were all for me choosing abortion,  even some of my family...
The rest of my family (which isn't as big as it sounds ) wanted me to keep my baby.
I was an only child, my mother was a single parent, and i did not and still don't have a healthy relationship with her...controlling, guilt driven, PATHOLOGICALLY NARCISSISTIC etc...and I was in NO WAY going to let her raise or help raise that child...
She even went so far as to buy me baby stuff, even after I told her that I was choosing adoption.
It was awful.
I chose adoption. I had 2 very close friends growing up that were adopted, they had great lives, loving families and this is what my gut and heart was telling me to do.
I am totally Pro-Choice, but when I thought about getting an abortion, I knew it wasn't the decision for me.
So I opened up the phonebook and found an attorney who specialized in adoption.
I went through this whole journey by myself.
I am far from a cold and callous person, i'm actually quite emotional and i worked hard at detaching from my emotions right from the beginning.
At the time, it was all i knew...
I was sent a few profiles from some prospective couples and one hit me hard...
Both on their 2nd marriage, had multiple miscarriages, 2 failed placements.... did they seem like good folks, like they would make good parents?? sure. What the heck did i know....
They flew down to Florida and we met at a restaurant and we talked for hours. I had a list of questions ( not like i had the right...but then i was immature, young and didn't know much about life etc...)
So, I chose them. I carried M to term, called them when i went into labor and they flew down. I chose not to hold her after birth...I couldn't....I wasn't sure how i could deal with it - so i protected myself the only ways i knew how. I don't think i would have let her go if i had...
Again, I was alone...I didn't know what i was doing from a "mature" standpoint. And everyone seemed totally against the decision i had made xox
I didn't even know i had "options" post i chose what i know now to be "semi-open"
I knew I could not give this child stability and security.
I had SO much "growing-up" to do.
I learned a lot from this experience.
 I am still learning, and it is an ever-evolving dynamic.
I have had to allow myself to grieve just as i have had to let myself have joy for choosing what was best at that time.
The only thing I regret is not taking better care of myself, but i didn't know how.
Yes, it has been hard to receive letters every year where the adoptive mom writes:"MY little girl, My M, My, My Etc..." but that's what I chose, right?
I absolutely LOVED getting pictures however - It has been amazing watching her grow, seeing her blossom, examining her features.

Sadness and Joy.
One cannot exist without the other.

Perception can be a double edged sword...or it can be a gift, of Love and Hope.
All of our experiences are different. Some of our experiences are sadder than others...some filled with joy and gratitude....It's the Tapestry of Adoption. It is Complete.
My LOVE, Sincerely to all of you strong, beautiful women...XOX
Mama K.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Maya Angelou - I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

A free bird leaps on the back of the wind
and floats downstream till the current ends
and dips his wing in the orange suns rays and dares to claim the sky.

But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage
can seldom see through his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings with a fearful trill
of things unknown but longed for still
and his tune is heard on the distant hill
for the caged bird sings of freedom.

The free bird thinks of another breeze
and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
and the fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn and he names the sky his own.

But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams
his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings with a fearful trill
of things unknown but longed for still
and his tune is heard on the distant hill
for the caged bird sings of freedom.

The Birth Mother Voice: Missouri and Adoption

The Birth Mother Voice: Missouri and Adoption

Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Update on Our "Pseudo - Reunion":::::

 It has been 3 months since M found me on the internet. It is wild how 14 years of compartmentalizing emotions and memories can instantly meld together and break apart in an instant. I  cannot say with honesty and excitement that i am "Proud" to have chosen adoption for M as i have always been ... Proud of myself for choosing adoption when I was a teenager, b/c the "Oh So Ironic" realities of Life have had me tied to the Whipping Post as of late, and I am sifting through the pieces of my crumbled fantasies of what adoption really and truly is on a daily basis. Every day. Every Day I am trying to envision what M is thinking and feeling. What her house and bedroom look like. What her adoptive mom is thinking about me...about us. If after this "Pseudo-Reunion", M will want to meet me, face to face, up close and personal - when she is an adult - of course.
 After letting M know that she needed to talk to her mom about finding me, our communication with eachother has been morphing as she is not allowed now, to communicate with me. On one hand is is immensely heart-breaking, but there is this other hand...the hand that feels somewhat relieved...relieved because I wasn't ready for this. 
But screw that! 
Seriously, Who says we cannot be friends? 
Well, let me tell you...A LOT of folks benefitting from this adoption ARE saying this exact thing. "Stay Away! You will only make things worse! M is having enough problems as it is".
Wow. Are these people really that stupid. *Take a deep breath.
 Are we EVER ready to become parents? No. And I KNOW this, b/c I have two other daughters that I am always surprized with every day! The answers come, the relationships wax and wane. They hate me one day and the next day want to love and snuggle while telling me i'm the best mom in the while world.
Children are fickle....depending on what their needs and desires are - daily - sometimes by the minute ... and love you based on whether or not they are getting their way...or not getting their way.
 When M first contacted me, she let it be known that she did not get along with her parents, that she "hated" them and that they are "strict". At first this upset me so much ( it still does very much, my mind goes to the worst of scenarios ) - but when I was able to put in perspective , objectively , the parent-child dynamic ... of love and hate, I could see, kinda, what was going on.
 Oh, I am not looking forward to "parenting" Annabelle and Emma when they become Tweens and Teens...b/c this love/hate dynamic happens alot and as i remember it from when i was a teen .. it happens INTENSLEY - especially for us girls!
 But here they are...M and her Mom...knee deep in this space and I get to have glimpses of it from a distance...a very big distance. My hands are tied and I am supposed to "limit" my communications with M when she does reach out to me. Nice huh? And who exactly do these rules benefit? I wonder...
 I found out that M was going to therapy last year. Why? I do not know. I can guess, b/c she is ME, and i too, was right there at the same age...going to therapy, acting out in rebellion and "Hating" my mom.
M found my name on some paperwork while snooping around ( like all good teenagers do so well! ) and found me on Facebook. I believe this was her way of finding a "replacement mom". A mom who wouldn't tell her what to do, a mom who wasn't strict, a mom who wasn't HER mom. Pretty convenient to be adopted at this point in her life isn't it?
 So when I instantly "told her" she needed to tell her mom she found me, it was strike one....for me.....when i told her she would probably feel like she "hated" me if she were living under my roof, it was "strike two"...and me writing her mom a nice long letter on how I respected her and would NEVER undermine her as a parent...well that was probably "strike three". Then i wasn't her "friend" on Facebook anymore. Gosh, that was hard pill to swallow. But i realize what is going on. 
M has to live under the same roof as A-Mom, I shudder to think of this dynamic right now. I want to hold her, kiss her, tell her how sorry i am, how beautiful she is, how i'll never let her go.
  Not being able to have contact with her after all of this does not and will not ever change how much i love M - my heart breaks every day, knowing now what i know, knowing that she is exactly like me in every way, knowing i could help her through this time in her a friend...a listener..., knowing i can't give her a great big hug and tell her that all things pass....and the real heartbreaker - that i am not allowed to talk to her.
 So here I am. Here we are. Thousands of miles away from eachother - bonded in spirit and love. Seperated by "Rules", Seperated by "Fear".
In this long and heartfelt letter to M's mother, I poured my heart out. I let her know that I was behind her 100% and that SHE was M's mother and I would respect and honor what she thought was best.
Little did I know that she would be COMPLETELY closed off to me as well as the idea of Me and M getting to know eachother. The saddest part is that I had to hear all this from the adoption agency (mediator) and I have not heard anything from A-Mom at all. I have been completely rejected. Cast Out. Shut Down. The worthless piece of dirt Birth Mother. The Whore.
 A couple weeks ago, after M and her Mom had a "fight", I became M's  " friend " again on Facebook. M briefly told me what the fight was about, and I responded briefly (as i have been instructed to do when this happens). Just a few sentences letting M know that i had a similar situation when i was the same age, told her i loved her and asked her to be smart. It really really stinks that i can't say more. It's just heartbreaking.
 M is at an age right now where she is searching for her identity. 14 years old. I am a part of that identity. She needs the grown ups in her life to not respond in anger and fear. I honestly feel like things will become worse for her and her mother. My hands are tied. My heart is tied. My tongue is tied.
 I am fighting daily to not sink back in to the black hole of adoption. I still do not regret my decision, how can i, that would be a slap in the face to everyone involved, but i do wish things were a little different.
I am ashamed of my ignorance. But i do have the power to act out of knowledge and grace now.
If i knew then what I know now, I wold not have chosen these particular parents. You can say not to feel guilty for that, but really, how can i not? I will make peace with it though. I will fight for awareness and I will fight for truth.
 I wish M's mom knew how much I love M and how I could only help things by being in their life. I wish M's Mom wasn't so full of fear and so scared of what i represent to M. Because when it comes down to it, I am M's Natural Mother - and I would never EVER do anything to hurt her - I just want to be loved - Isn't that what we all want anyway?

~Mother Teresa